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By investing in solar you not only get rewarded financially, you also give the earth relief from tones of CO2 Your electricity tariff has gone up by about 33% in the last 5 years and is showing no sign of stopping. But by going solar today, you can freeze your energy cost, get your payback in few years and get electricity free for many more years.

Thanks to advances in technology and government incentives, Solar Power Solutions are now reliable, affordable and in fact, very profitable in the long run.

The Company

Sunshine Renewables helps in providing clean and renewable energy and caters to the needs of Homes, Societies, Institutions, Business and Industries. It is dedicated to employing the latest Technologies in Solar Power Generation & in Waste Management System for our everyday needs. With Sunshine all your energy & waste disposal needs will be met efficiently and cost effectively.

By going Green you not only show your duty and responsibility towards the environment but also go to show your care & concern towards mankind.

How Solar Works

1. Collection: During the day, sunlight is converted to DC electricity by the Panels on the rooftop.

2. Conversion: Inverter converts DC electricity to AC and hence making it fit to run your appliances.

3. Usage: Solar becomes an inexpensive alternate source of electricity for you, cleaner and economical

Why Go Solar Now

While technology has been responsible for better efficiency and lowered costs, the incentive schemes introduced by the government has made it even more attractive to buy your first system right away

If you are owner of a business, you can take advantage of the 80% accelerated depreciation benefit on the purchase of your solar plant. This means that the total costs of the system have reduced by 24%, bringing down your payback time.

Control and monitor your solar system from anywhere using your mobile, tab or laptop. The system reports the performance and monetary returns of your plant to show you the returns we’ve promised.


To ensure that your system lasts 25 years, we use only premium components that are built for smarter robust and all weather operation. They help ensure high performance and reduce maintenance issues


We also offer fully integrated value added features that enhance the overall look and feel of your home.

This includes integrating solar into:

  • Home architecture using BIPV
  • Roof gardens
  • Home automation
  • Energy management systems


Going Solar is an investment, but it is coming across as a cost to you, we can help offset that by assisting you with bank and private finance.