What Makes Solar Special

Protects the environment

Climate change is real and every attempt to help the situation counts Solar power saves 1 ton of CO2 per kW annually.

Cuts down your electricity bill

While the electricity tariff increases, tariff from Solar Power won’t. Freeze your costs of electricity drastically.

Replaces your diesel generator

Considering the initial and operational costs, solar can be 3 times cheaper than a diesel genset over a 10 year period. Fossil Fuel releases harmful CO2 and is limited where else sunlight is clean energy & free for lifetime.

Earn from your roof

Put your idle roof to good use and earn an income in the process of producing your own electricity.

Reaches where the grid can’t

Sunshine reaches everywhere but the grid doesn’t. This technology makes for an ideal solution for providing power at remote locations.

Serves as a lucrative investment

With an ROI of about 20%, Solar power systems make for an ideal low risk, high return investment avenue.