G-Cylinder Nano-tech Fuel Conditioner

Improved solution for Fuel Economy for all petrol and diesel engine from motorbikes to cars, suv’s, minivans, trucks, buses, diesel trains, boats, ships, generators, industrial boilers, earthmovers and mining equipment.

  • Increased Fuel Economy for Petrol & Diesel Engines
  • Reducing Greenhouse Emissions with Eco-friendly Technology
  • Increased Engine Torque & Improved Performance
  • Preventing Carbon Build-up in Exhaust Systems

Improving Combustion Efficiency with Nanotechnology: the G-Cylinder offers from 30 – 60% more combustion of exhaust hydrocarbons and from 10 – 30% improved fuel economy.


Lifetime Operating – Unlike other products, this product can last a lifetime under normal operating conditions, so you can get maximum return on your investment and minimize your operational machinery costs.


Saves the Environment – A significant impact in the reduction of toxic atmospheric emissions can be achieved with this Eco-Friendly product. The fuel saving product on the market that really saves the environment.

No Batteries Required – Running entirely on Nanotechnology, this product does not require electric power, batteries or any power source. Sounds too good to be true?

Highly Accredited Science – This technology is more than 10 years in the making. The scientists who invented this product “B TECH (AUST) PTY LTD” have a proven track record in introducing scientific solutions to make the world a better place.

Tested & Proven – Our product has been tested and proven by credible sources, such as the University of Western Australia, Daily Automotive Newspaper and the Japan Vehicle Certification Institution.


Prolonged Engine Life -The product also prolongs the life of your engine, enhancing the combustion process and reducing engine vibrations resulting in less wear and tear on the engine components.

Versatility – This technology can have a positive influence on a huge range of engine types. Solutions span all petrol and diesel engine from motor-bikes to cars, suv’s, minivans, trucks, buses, diesel trains, boats, ships, generators, industrial boilers, earthmovers and mining equipment.

Buying Guide

The PCI (mini) is the smaller G-Cylinder (clamp or clip style) that can be used for smaller diesel or petrol engines.

See the guide below to find out how many G-Cylinders you need.

The Large G-Cylinder Road Devices known as PCRS and PCM models are designed for larger engines and turbocharged diesel engines up to 20,000cc and over 1000Hp.

Suggested G-Cylinder selection guide for engines:

  • PCA Mini – 600 to 2000cc (Approx 50-75Hp)
  • 4000cc requires 2 PCA Mini and 4500cc requires 3 PCA Mini
  • PCRS 720 – Up to 10,000cc (300Hp)
  • PCM 620 – Up to 12,000cc (400Hp)
  • PCM 630 – Up to 15,000cc (650Hp)
  • PCM-1030 – Up to 20,000cc (800Hp)

NOTE: For Turbo & Turbo Diesel, capacity is multiplied by 1.5. For example 3750cc x 1.5 5000cc (3 G-Cylinder’s required). In case of heavy-duty truck engines, we recommend PCRS and PCM.

Information regarding correct selection and installation should be advised by our technical team. The principle remains the same, but the fuel line is cut to allow input and output and therefore maximum contact of the technology with the fuel.